Informal Agreement

Informal Agreement

With an informal agreement, the child is living with the kinship caregiver, but they have no authority or permission to make any decisions for the child, such as medical or educational. It is simply an agreement between the caregiver and the child’s parents.

Ms. Dew explains the difficulties of raising her grandchildren without having anything in writing from their parents giving her permission to make decisions, including dental care and moving the kids to a school closer to her house.


  • Nobody outside the family is involved, including child welfare.  
  • Provides a temporary fix for what is hoped to be a temporary problem. 


  • The parents can change this arrangement anytime; it offers no protection from the parents removing the child when they want to. 
  • You have no authority to make decisions for the child, such as medical and educational, including enrolling the child in school. 

*Not Intended as Legal Advice