Parent Support Groups

Interactive Training and Support for Foster, Adoptive, & Kinship Families

An all-in-one curriculum for in-person or online support groups and small trainings.

Do you struggle with getting foster, kinship, or adoptive parents to attend support groups? Would you like to offer your foster families continuing education that is more than reading a book or taking an online course? Would you like to combine skill building with peer-to-peer support? 

Creating a Family’s all-in-one curriculum was designed to make it easy to run engaging, high-quality groups (in-person or online) for support and training that parents want to attend.

“The layout of the video kept people engaged – diverse speakers, animated characters, and written material!

Excellent class! Excellent materials!” ~Parent

Curriculum Includes:

1. Facilitator Training
2. Facilitator Guide
3. Video
4. Handouts (Tipsheet & Resources)
5. Certificate of Attendance

*At renewal, the curriculum selections will reset, and the team leader will select new curricula for the coming year. Facilitators have access to the curriculum selected by the team leader.

How Does the Annual Subscription Work?

  • You will purchase either a 5-curriculum or a 10-curriculum package.
  • After purchase, you will select the curriculum of your choice.
  • The team leader can assign up to two facilitators per account.
  • Facilitators will have access to training for in-person and online groups.

Let us know if you need additional facilitators, work with large groups, or if you are a state-wide organization, and we can work with you. 

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What Facilitators Say About Using the Curriculum

Ease of Use
Preparation Easier
Facilitation Easier
More Likely to Continue Group
Felt Understood by Other Members
More Confident in Parenting Their Children
Group Helped Reduce Parenting Stress
Look Forward to Attending

What Parents Say After Attending a Group That Used the Curriculum