Adoption Comparison Charts

Charts Comparing Different Countries for International Adoption & US Adoption

adoption comparison charts

*A Note About Ukraine*

During the current military crisis in Ukraine, we will post updates from the US State Department on the Ukraine Chart, as the events continue to unfold.

The Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing a Country or Type of Adoption

When considering adoption, information is power. Deciding on the type of adoption that is best for you requires looking at the requirements for that type or country, the adoption process, the type of children that are available, the stability of the program, and the cost. We have analyzed the various types and countries for the factors we think are most important when choosing.

A Quick Comparison Chart of the Major Types of Adoption

The link above is for the Adoption Comparison Chart which compares the three major types of adoption: international adoption, domestic infant adoption, and foster care adoption.

You will also appreciate the detailed information about the various types of adoption detailed in this recently updated podcast, Adoption Options: What Type of Adoption is Best for You.

The Top Ten Sending Countries in International Adoption

In addition to breaking down vital factors to consider for foster care adoption and domestic infant adoption, the list below represents the countries that have placed the most children according to the US State Department’s FY2019 data (the most current reliable data, COVID-19 numbers notwithstanding).

The information in these charts is subject to change; therefore, always check with an accredited agency that is approved to place from the country you are researching to gain the most current information.

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