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    Infertility can be a lonely place. It’s hard to find others in your “real life” who are living this experience, but fortunately there are many many online. We’ve done the work for you of narrowing down the infertility blogger universe to some of the best, and broken them out by diagnosis and treatment. We’ve also included information on where they are in the process if you feel the need to be self protective. Please let us know via the contact page of any other infertility blogs you think are above average and reaching towards great.

    + Infertility (General)

    • Stirrup Queens  – has got to be the guru of all infertility blogs. I would love it for its name alone, but fortunately, she has much, much more to offer. If you are wondering where she is on the fertility journey, she has young twins conceived through IUI with injectibles, and is in and out of treatment for a third kiddo. This site is more than just a blog—it is the go-to place to get information and support for infertility. Don’t miss this one.
    • Stirrup Queen’s List of Blogs – (Perhaps better known as “Stirrup Queen’s Completely Anal List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer”). This is the mother of all blogrolls. Every blog on infertility and adoption ever created, or just about, is listed on this magnificent collection of blogs. The blogroll is actually searchable, meaning, there is a custom search engine that searches only the blogs on the blogroll. This is a very useful tool.
    • Fertility Authority – has dozens of bloggers that write about many issues facing people who are stuggling with infertility. This is a good place to go for a wide variety of experiences and perspectives.
    • inConceivable – This is one of the best and most detailed accounts of one couples IVF journey. She documents it all and includes pictures. Spoiler alert: They are now the parents of twin girls.
    • Hope-Filled Focus – This blog is deeply spiritual, and is meant to be inspirational to those suffering from infertility. It is written by a mother of three who faced fertility issues as a young woman.
    • Don’t Count Your Eggs – This blog is written by a woman who has been trying to conceive for three years. In addition to writing, she and her husband have also been documenting their journey with video. They have also interviewed other couples who have used adoption, egg donation, and surrogacy to build their family. This is a great resource.
    • The Hardest Quest – will help you feel less alone. They have male factor infertility caused by a vasectomy that refused to be reversed. After six years of trying to conceive, they had a daughter in 2009. Now they are trying for a second child.
    • Baby Maybe – Written by a woman in the UK, this blog documents her struggle with unexplained infertiliy and the IVF process.
    • The Maniscalco Journey – Blog of a woman who has started undergoing fertility treatments. She writes very poignantly about the process.
    • Raspberry Truffles – Written by a woman in her early 40s who is trying natural cycle IVF to conceive a child. She is currently on her third round of treatments.
    • Parenthood For Me – is a blog written by a mom who underwent IVF treatment unsuccessfully and then decided to adopt. Her blog provides support to those undergoing infertility treatments and/or adoption.
    • The Fertility Blogs – An interactive infertility community for support, information and creating your own free blog.
    • Busted Plumbing – This has beome one of my favorties! This gal can write! She funny, sharp, and so totally gets infertility. After five years of trying to conceive, she had a son in 2010.
    • Our Misconception – Written by a couple who have been trying for five years to conceive. Due to a likely hysterectomy, they are trying one last time to conceive before moving on to domestic adoption.
    • Stealing Baby Kisses – Smart, poignant, and at times funny. Young woman with IF. Had a child using IVF in 2010, and is trying for a second.
    • Hopefully Yours, Connie – Written by an adoption therapist and author of a book on infertility who has also experienced infertility. This is one wise lady!
    • Infertile Myrtle – Woman in early thirties who has been trying to conceive for over ten years. So far, no luck, but she writes about her struggle and life in general quite well.
    • Sunny Day Today Mama – An IVF momma trying for a second child.
    • The 2 Week Wait – Woman who had a child after her third IVF. Very funny.
    • What the Blog? – She’s funny, and she can write the socks off you. After struggling with PCOS and infertility, she gave birth to triplets in 2010.
    • Amateur Nester – Written by a woman trying to conceive. She shares links and other resources she has found, and invites guest bloggers to post on her site.
    • Licensed 2 Love – Foster mom and “infertile myrtle” undergoing and IUI. She posts about both adoption and infertility.
    • Path to Fertility – This is a 5 day a week blog by an infertility clinic. While some posts are specific to their clinic, many other posts are directly relevant to all people with infertility regardless where they are seeking treatment.
    • INCONCEIVABLE! – is a blog, by a gifted writer, talking about PCOS, infertility, and preemie parenting. I love this blog! I would read her even if she didn’t talk about these topics.

    + Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

    • The Lewis Note – Mother of two- one biological, and one that is being adopted through foster care. She suffers from secondary infertility and recurrent early miscarriage. She is currently going through the process of getting tested to figure out the cause.
    • Miscarriages To Miracles – This blog is written by a woman who is beginning her second round of IVF with PGD after an unsuccessful prior attempt and repeated miscarriages. She shares her story to help couples who are in similar situations.
    • MiscarriageHelp.com – This blog is a place for women to share their feelings and receive support after pregnancy loss.
    • Angel Hearts Forever – This woman writes very openly about her struggles with infertility and 4 pregnancy losses, including one in the second trimester. She has two living children, and discusses pregnancy after loss as well.
    • This is More Personal – Jen is 32, and is now pursuing domestic adoption about several failed IUIs, IVF, and miscarriage. She writes honestly about the struggle.
    • Will CarryOn – A seven time miscarriage survivor who is now a mother through domestic adoption and a successful pregnancy. Her blog is a beautiful mix of honoring the grief and pain of miscarriage while preserving hope for the future.

    + Male Factor Infertility

    • One Man’s Battle with Male Infertility – The author of this blog has made it his goal “to make the world aware that men have emotions when it comes to infertility.” He currently in the process of discussing fertility options and adoption with his wife.
    • A Few Pieces Missing From Normalcy – This blog is written by a man with male factor infertility. He and his wife are now considering adoption.
    • The Great Big IF – Male Factor Infertility. 2 miscarriages. 1 baby through IVF/ICSI. Trying for #2. Considering donor egg and adoption.
    • Hope To Be Daddy: A Guy’s Infertility Voice – One man’s running journal and history with infertility issues (battling male factor infertility and endometriosis). He and his wife are expecting their first child.
    • Three is a Magic Number – Male Factor Infertility. Successful IVF/ICSI cycle, and had child in Dec. 2010. Fun to read.
    • DI Dad – Father with male factor infertility who had two children using donor sperm.

    + Donor Egg

    People who have used egg donation:

    • Starting Our Family – This woman is currently pursuing donor eggs after 3 failed IVF cycles.
    • Baby Wanted: Apply Within – Trying to conceive with donor egg. Not pregnant yet.
    • Donor Eggs Journey – Successfully conceived using egg donation, and is trying for a second child.
    • Hard Boiled: A Donor Egg Blog – (When your ovaries don’t know that 40 is the new 30) Her kids via egg donation are preschoolers.
    • The Donor Diva – Had a child using egg donation in 2010, and is now trying for a second baby.
    • Inconceivable – Couple just beginning the process of using donor eggs.
    • Hard Boiled Martini – Premature ovarian failure. Had a child using egg donation. Blog is now inactive.
    • Leggo My Eggo – She wins my contest for the best named donor egg blog. Delivered a child using egg donation in 2011.
    • Out, Damned Egg! Out I Say! – Author tried conceiving using egg donation, but ended up using private domestic adoption instead.
    • Golden Goose: An Egg Donor Blog – This is a blog by an egg donor, which I think is particularly good. She doesn’t blog often.
    • On Fecund Thought – Mother of one via egg donation who is currently trying for a second. She writes candidly about infertility, miscarriage and struggling to conceive her second child.

    Donor Conceived Persons:

    Since egg donation is a newer form of infertility treatment, there are no blogs yet by people conceived using donor eggs. The following blogs are written by people conceived by sperm donation. We realize that the issues for children conceived via egg donation may be different, but there will likely be some similarities.

    • Child of a Stranger – Story of an donor conceived adult woman searching for her anonymous sperm donor.
    • Confessions of a Cryokid – Donor conceived adult searching for her biological father.
    • Donated Generation – Donor conceived person (now a father) discussing donor conception practices and searching for his biological family.

    + Donor Sperm

    People who used donor sperm:

    • Out of the Petri Dish . . . Into the Fire – Dad has Klinefelter’s Syndrome. They conceived via Donor Sperm and IVF. Their son was born premature in 2011. They would like to try again using their frozen embryos, but for now can’t swing it financially.
    • DI Dad – Father who had two children using donor sperm.
    • Ambition: Motherhood – After three IVFs, and one FET, couple is now pregnant using IUI and donor sperm.
    • Banking on a Family – Severe male factor infertility. Decided on donor sperm rather than IVF/ICSI, but eventually had a child using IVF.
    • DI Family – Couple trying to conceive using IUI and donor sperm.

    Sperm Donor Conceived People:

    • Child of a Stranger – Story of an donor conceived adult woman searching for her anonymous sperm donor.
    • Confessions of a Cryokid – Donor conceived adult searching for her biological father.
    • Donated Generation – Donor conceived person (now a father) discussing donor conception practices and searching for his biological family.

    + Donor Conceived Person

    • Child of a Stranger – Story of an donor conceived adult woman searching for her anonymous sperm donor father.
    • Confessions of a Cryokid – Donor conceived adult searching for her biological father.
    • Donated Generation – Donor conceived person (now a father) discussing donor conception practices and searching for his biological family.

    + Embryo Donation/Adoption

    + Surrogacy

    + Single Parent

    • The Riveting Mama – Woman trying to become a single mother using donor sperm. Not pregnant yet.
    • Making My Family – Single mother to a boy via IUI and donor sperm.
    • A Planned Life – Single mother to a boy using IUI and donor sperm.
    • The Business of Baby – Single woman pregnant with first child after using FET.
    • Singular Desire – Single woman in her 40s trying to conceive using fertility treatments.
    • Me… Plus One – Single mother to a daughter conceived using IUI.
    • OMG There’s 3 – Single mother to two-year-old triplets through fertility treatment
    • Stork Stalking – Single woman pursuing surrogacy after trying to conceive using IUI.
    • Me, Myself, and Twins – Single mother to twins via embryo donation. The children have an open relationship with their donors.

    + Older Parent

    For more blogs about older parenthood, check out Creating a Family’s older parent through adoption blogroll.

    • The Dancing Egg – This blog is written about a woman who underwent IVF with donor eggs in her mid-fourties. She now has a son.
    • Mothering in the Middle – Curated from a wide range of authors, this blog looks at motherhood after 40 though IVF, surrogacy, and other ways to build a family.
    • Grayhairedmom – Written by a first-time mom at age 51, who used IVF with donor egg to get pregnant.
    • While not exclusive to infertility, A Child After 40 has a lot of information about becoming a mother in midlife, including through fertility treatments.
    • Antique Mommy – This blog is written by a wooman who suffered through infertility before having her son at age 44.

    + Child Free

    • KCB in Progress – Unexpectedly child free woman.
    • Life Without Baby – Childless-not-by-choice woman who decided to create a fulfilling life without children.
    • Mrs. Spit – Child free after losing a premature baby.
    • Sonja Lewis – American expat living in London who writes on child free issues.
    • The Next 15000 Days – Woman who decided to stop all infertility treatments.
    • Life Without Baby – Great and active blog by a woman who with her husband decided to stop fertility treatment after 5 years of trying and embrace the child free life. She also has a book.

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