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Infertility can be a lonely place. It’s hard to find others in your “real life” who are living this experience, but fortunately there are many many online. We’ve done the work for you of narrowing down the infertility blogger universe to some of the best, and broken them out by diagnosis and treatment. We’ve also included information on where they are in the process if you feel the need to be self protective. Please let us know via the contact page of any other infertility blogs you think are above average and reaching towards great.

+ Resource Blogs, including reproductive services providers:

  • Stirrup Queens: Stirrup Queens has got to be the guru of all infertility blogs. I would love it for its name alone, but fortunately, she has much more to offer, including extensive blog rolls full of links to blogs about infertility and adoption of all kinds.
  • Southern California Reproductive Center blog: SRSC’s blog shares stories of the journey through infertility care from the perspective of staff and patients in the practice.
  • Fertility Authority: Dozens of bloggers that write about many issues facing people who are stuggling with infertility. This is a good place to go for a wide variety of experiences and perspectives.
  • Path to Fertility: This blog is written and run by an infertility clinic. While some posts are specific to their clinic, many other posts are directly relevant to all people with infertility regardless where they are seeking treatment.
  • Miscarriage Help: This blog is hosted by the author of I Never Held You, a book about miscarriage, grief, healing and recovery. She runs it as an on-line support site for women and their families who have suffered the pain of miscarriage.
  • The National Registry for Adoption: The NRFA occasionally hosts guest bloggers to share experiences with various types of adoption, including embryo donation/embryo adoption.
  • Fertility Authority: A collection of bloggers that write about many issues facing people who are struggling with infertility. This is a good place to go for a wide variety of experiences and perspectives.
  • Embryo Adoption Awareness Center blog: The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center’s blog shares it mission of “giving infertile couples each option and every hope, and raising awareness about the life-affirming practice of adopting children as embryos.”
  • More Than This: A Blog for Fertility and Hope: A blog written by Allison Ramsey, MS, LPC, GC-C, a certified grief counselor specializing in helping clients walk through the issues of infertility with hope and purpose.

+ Personal Stories of Infertility, Miscarriage, Treatment, and TTC:

  • Lauren Casper: Written from a faith-based perspective, Lauren Casper shares her stories of infertility, foster care, adoption, parenting and more. It’s a good balance of real and hope.
  • Funny Girls of Infertility: This blog is written by a nurse and IVF coordinator chronicling her own experiences with infertility and hope. LOTS of hope here!
  • Hope-Filled Focus: This blog is deeply spiritual, and is meant to be a faith-based inspiration to those suffering from infertility. It is written by a mother of three who faced fertility issues as a young woman.
  • Don’t Count Your Eggs: This blog is written by a woman who tried to conceive for many years. She and her husband video-documenting that journey; you can find the videos in her archives. They have also interviewed other couples who have used adoption, egg donation, and surrogacy to build their family.
  • Our Misconception: Written by a couple who have been through a lot of struggle to form their family. They are currently in the process of surrogacy. In their own words, “By sharing our stories and misconceptions about infertility from both a guy’s and girl’s perspective, we hope to help other couples on their journey towards parenthood.”
  • The 2 Week Wait: Thought she blogs sporadically, this woman has a funny and irreverent style that makes the difficulties if infertility very relatable.
  • Amateur Nester: One woman’s journey with infertility and her faith through the process. She and her husband have one daughter after 3 rounds of IVF. She also shares links and other resources she has found, and invites guest bloggers to post on her site.
  • Licensed 2 Love: – A mom by foster-to-adopt and and IUI. She posts a bit irregularly but she shares openly about their family built by both adoption and fertility treatment.
  • INCONCEIVABLE!: She’s recently returned from a bit of a writing hiatus, but this blog, by a gifted writer, talks extensively about PCOS, infertility, and preemie parenting. I love this blog! I would read her even if she didn’t talk about these topics.
  • The Lewis Note: This beautiful site is authored by a mom who has battled secondary infertility, multiple early miscarriages, foster parenting, and adoption. She’s open and raw and real.
  • Donated Generation: Donor conceived person (now a father) discussing donor conception practices and searching for his biological family. His site also includes lots of great links to other issues related to living as a donor conceived adult.
  • We Told You Not to Tell: A blog about living as an adult conceived with anonymous donor sperm, the secrets families keep and her search for familial connections. Really interesting journey to follow.
  • Making My Family: Single mother by choice to a little boy conceived via IUI and donor sperm.
  • The Business of Baby: Single mom to a now 4 year old little guy who was born after using FET. In her own words, she was a “career woman in her early forties who is faced with infertility due to ‘old eggs’.”
  • The Dancing Egg: This blog is written about a woman who underwent IVF with donor eggs in her mid-forties. She is now in her 50s and parenting a son. Beautiful and introspective, she’s a writer by trade and it shows.
  • For Women Over 40/Conversations with Cyma: A national website featuring conversations with and for women over 40. Not just about infertility or adoption but certainly good discussions about parenting at older ages.
  • Grayhairedmom: Written by a first-time mom at age 51, who used IVF with donor egg to get pregnant. She doesn’t post as frequently in recent years but her site is full of great information and stories of her adventures of “later-in-life parenthood.”
  • Life Without Baby: Great, active website, including a blog, by a team of women who are “filling the silence in the motherhood discussion.” The founder, Lisa Manterfield, has also written several books and work-books on the topics of living child-free that are worth checking out at the Books tab on the site.
  • Mrs. Spit: Child-free and recently divorced, Mrs. Spit has been living a child-free life by choice since losing a premature baby in 2010.
  • On This and That: An American expat who lives in London and writes on variety of issues, including living a child-free life. There’s a lot to uncover on her website!
  • The Next 15000 Days: Great blog written by a woman who decided to stop all infertility treatments and seek happiness after infertility.

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