Adoptions From The Heart

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Adoptions From The Heart (AFTH) has been specializing in open adoption for the past 25 years. AFTH was founded by Maxine Chalker, an adoptee herself through closed adoption. Maxine decided throughout her own search for her birthparents that there needed to be an easier way, a way to benefit all the members of the adoption triad (adoptees, adoptive parents, and birthparents). In 1985, Maxine opened AFTH, formerly known as The Adoption Agency, as the first open adoption agency on the East Coast. AFTH continues to be one of the largest domestic placing agencies on the East Coast and remains committed to quality services to all member of the adoption triad. Additionally, AFTH has developed its Heartbeats Programs including Surrogacy in India, to open up options in addition to adoption for families to consider when researching ways to build their family. AFTH hosts free information meetings and webinars for anyone wanting to learn more about our services.

Services Offered:  Free services to pregnant women, Domestic Adoption, Heartbeats Program: Surrogacy in India, and Home Studies for PA, NJ, CT, DE, VA, and NY

AFTH Offices: Glastonbury, CT/Cherry Hill, NJ/Wilmington, DE/Richmond, VA/Chesapeake, VA/Greensburg, PA (outside Pittsburgh)/Lancaster, PA/Allentown, PA/Wynnewood, PA (outside Philadelphia)

AFTH offers services in PA, NJ, CT, DE, NY, and VA and can accept families for our African-American Infant Domestic Program from anywhere in the U.S.