Madison Adoption Associates


Madison Adoption Associates “MAA” is a 501(c)(3) Hague-accredited non-profit adoption agency.  MAA began in 1981 with a mother’s love and desire to raise an adoptive family.  Our efforts over the years have resulted in thousands of children knowing the joy of belonging to a loving family. MAA is committed to our mission of helping children who need a home and the love of a family.

 Madison Adoption Associates is proud to set ourselves apart from other agencies.  We are committed to every child, giving special care, consideration and attention to those children who may have been overlooked or forgotten due to their medical condition or older age.  We strongly believe that every child deserves a home and their own family.  We dedicate substantial time and tireless effort to children who are considered harder to place.

For those children where an adoption plan is not possible, we are committed to providing humanitarian aid and resources so that they may live the best and most productive life possible.  We know we cannot help every child who needs us, but it is our passion to make a difference for as many children as we can!