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When I saw these onesies (ordering info below), I thought they were beyond adorable! I like both the design and the sentiment. I mentioned them in a conversation with some moms who had conceived with the help of IVF, and while most agreed with me, one mom said, “I would never use my child to advertise my infertility!”


I saw these onesies more as a celebration of success over a hard won battle to become a parent rather than an advertisement of the parents’ infertility, but after thinking about her comment, I could see where she was coming from.

Onesie for baby conceived by IVF

People have wildly different comfort level about talking about their infertility and different desire to move past the struggle as soon as possible. I can totally understand why someone would want to put their infertility as far behind them as possible after the birth of their child. The last thing they want when holding their precious baby is to be reminded of all it took to bring him into this world.

I can also see feeling just the opposite, and dressing your kiddo in one of these is sure to illicit a few smiles and start some conversations about infertility. Who knows, you may just be giving hope to the women standing behind you in the grocery line that she too may one day be holding her own miracle.

To each there own.

IVF Onesie for kids conceived by infertility treatment

I contacted the creator of the “I survived the ice age” and “Made with Love and Science” onesies, Emma of SewCutebyEmma on Etsy, to find out why she made these onesies and her thoughts on infertility.

Why did you create onesies focused on babies conceived by IVF?

I actually can’t take credit for the ideas of the onesies. A friend who is pregnant with her little IVF miracle baby posted a random photo of similar ones on Facebook and since I make custom clothing, I designed my own and I made them for her because she’s been through lots of loss, including losing IVF twins at 24 weeks. I wanted to make them for her because I know how excited and thankful she is for this baby. Similar sayings can be found on Etsy though so there’s really no telling who made the originals!

Did you have your own infertility struggles?

I conceived my first three children with no issues (getting pregnant with all of them in 3 months or less), but had about 3.5 years of infertility before we got pregnant with our youngest. I never sought medical help for it though. However, with the month to month of having my period come again and again when I so badly wanted another baby, I appreciated my little H’s pregnancy and infancy (which I’m still enjoying since she’s only 4 months old) so much more than our other 3 that we conceived with no issues.

I love them all the same, but the wait we went through made me that much more thankful for her when we finally did find out we were pregnant. It gave me a bit more understanding of how precious the miracle of pregnancy is, and that it isn’t something to be taken for granted.

I have IVF mommies who are leaving notes in their order for me when they purchase about how much they love the onesies and telling me a little bit about their babies that they are for. I feel honored that they’re sharing their story with me. They go through so much to have these children, and I love that I get to be a part of celebrating their little miracle babies once they’re finally holding them in their arms. These little miracles are so wanted and loved from the moment their parents see them through a microscope, even before Transfer Day!

What do you hope these onesies will do, other than make moms and dads smile.

I think Infertility can be somewhat of a taboo subject, but I hope the onesies might offer the opportunity for a couple with child(ren) born via IVF to help another couple going through the same struggle that they had to encourage and come along side them while they go through their options for infertility.

Would you dress you new arrival in one of these?

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