Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol or Drugs

Prenatal alcohol and drug exposure

Prenatal Exposure

Prenatal alcohol and drug exposureAdoptive parents are sometimes faced with the decision of whether to adopt a child that has been exposed during pregnancy to alcohol, methamphetamines, marijuana, heroin,  crack, oxycodone, prescription drugs, or other drugs. Alcohol and drugs can cause brain damage in a developing fetus, and prospective adoptive parents need to understand the potential impacts of prenatal exposure to these substances.

Creating a Family has many resources on parenting children that have been exposed to alcohol and drugs in utero. We have interviewed many of the top experts in this field on our weekly radio show and they are available for you to listen to on your phone, tablet, iPod, or computer.  

A few of our recent resources that we think you will find particularly helpful are:

Many more Creating a Family interviews with experts, blogs, and fact sheets on fetal alcohol syndrome and prenatal exposure can be found at the icons below.

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