How does a family's income affect the odds of getting an adoption grant?Q: The cost of an adoption is a financial burden on all but the wealthiest of couples. Does a family’s income matter when applying for an adoption grant?

A: According to Cherri Walrod, Founder and Director of, the answer is, “It depends.” There are a few grant sources which have a maximum income limit listed. However, most grant organizations are looking at complete picture of your family. They want to know more about your back story and history. Where are you in the adoption process? What has brought you to this point? Why are you choosing to build your family through adoption? Why are you choosing to adopt now? What have you done to this point to help cover adoption costs?

They will also be looking for a full-discloser of your family’s financial standing. What is your net worth, monthly budget (or monthly cash flow), investments, retirement accounts, etc? Do you have debt? If so, what type and why do you have it? You should also explain any special needs of the child to be adopted and how this might impact your financial future. Most adoption grant organizations are not just looking at the numbers (finances) on the page, but they are engaged when you share your family’s compelling and individual story.

Cherri Walrod is the founder and director of Resources 4 Adoption. She is dedicated to providing adoptive families with the most accurate and current information about adoption financing options. For more information on this topic, visit our resource page on adoption grants or loans and visit our blog: “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Adoption Grants.”

Image credit: GotCredit