ARC April 19From an Action Alert sent by the Adoptees Rights Campaign:

“The Adoptee Rights Campaign needs YOUR support on June 14th, 2016 to help pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act (ACA)! This is an open invitation for adoptees, adoptive parents, and all community members to win citizenship for all adoptees.”

The June 14th Day of Action is planned in order to build upon the momentum of this year’s previous April 19th day of action which put the Adoptee Citizenship Act (ACA) on the radar of legislators in Washington DC.

S.2275, the Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2015, will grant retroactive U.S. citizenship to all internationally adopted individuals regardless of when they were adopted, addressing the issue that left thousands of adoptees who were born before 1982 unprotected by the Child Citizenship Act (CCA) of 2000.

To find out how YOU can participate, click here and read the full alert.