Managing Technology and Screens

managing technology and screens

Managing Technology & Screens

Managing their family’s technology is one of the most challenging tasks facing parents and caregivers in this digital age. Our kids are digital natives – they’ve never known life without the phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming systems that surround them every day. However, parents and caregivers worry about their kids’ screen time, content, and online safety. There are additional valid questions about online contact with birth families for families impacted by adoption, foster care, and kinship care. It can be overwhelming and so very hard to keep up with!

Managing technology and screens is about more than just the time our kids spend or their online safety. There are also social concerns and pressures to consider. Many kids rely heavily on social media to stay connected with peers. They use their phones and laptops to do homework and learn about the world. Many adopted, foster, and kinship kids use technology to help them search for and connect with birth parents, siblings, or other extended family. The resources we’ve gathered here will help parents and caregivers navigate these significant issues while still building trust and strengthening their attachment with their children.


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