Quiz: Are You Fluent in Infertility?

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Quiz: Do You Know Your Infertility Lingo

The world of infertility is a whole different world requiring a whole new vocabulary. If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while you probably think you’ve aced infertility-speak, infertility acronyms, and their faithful cousin–infertility abbreviations. Well, don’t be so sure. Infertility terminology is almost a language unto itself.

Take our infertility-acronym quiz to find out how fluent you really are. You have to be scrupulously honest because, as you might expect, the shorthand is often an acronym made from the initials of the phrase, so try to guess before you go hunting for the correct answer. Post your score in the comments. I made a 12 out of 15, but one I missed because of a brain freeze. I really knew it, so I think my real score is 13/15. (Yes, you get credit for brain freezes too—I’m an easy grader.)

Test Your Knowledge of Infertility Shorthand

Infertility has a language all its own. How fluent are you in infertility shorthand?


If you’re in the mood for a little more fun check out our Ten Snarky Answers to the “When Are you Going to Have Kids” Question.

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First posted in 2013. Posted again in 2015 because we need a little levity in our life right now.

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16 Responses to Quiz: Are You Fluent in Infertility?

  1. Avatar Andrea Harrison Wieland says:

    I don’t want to sound smug but I am so glad I don’t know most of those terms anymore. =)

  2. Cyndi. humbling isn’t it. I thought I’d score a perfect 15 as well. Of course, I threw in a few tough ones to make it challenging.

  3. Avatar Melinda says:

    I wish I didn’t know any of them. My hubby is really good at finding the target for progesterone injections because the RE thought it would be cute to draw targets with sharpie on me. Not to mention I am a member of several web sites that use the lingo all the time. Ten years ago I had to have a cheat sheet to know what they were actually saying.

  4. Avatar Geochick says:

    I got a 12, mostly based on what my experience has been, so some of them I hadn’t been exposed to! Although, I usually refer to the ovulation test as OPK instead of OPT, like Cindy. 🙂


  5. Avatar cindy says:

    Hi from ICW – sadly I am too fluent 🙁

  6. Avatar Dina says:

    Our last of 5 failed IVFs was 2005. I still know way more than I thought I would. I bet there could be a list od domestic adoption words and acronyms too that I’m very fluent in.

  7. Andrea, I’m happy for your ignorance too.

  8. Melinda, you’re just showing off, LOL, but I guess this is a case where you don’t want a perfect score.his

  9. Cindy and Cherie, Congrats!

  10. Avatar Cherie says:

    I got 12 right 😉

  11. Avatar Melinda says:

    perfect score but you are talking my language lol

  12. Avatar Cindy says:

    i got 11, but in my defense, we always used OPKs, not OPTs. 🙂

  13. Avatar Leilani says:

    Just looked at the snarky answers for being asked when you’d have kids and omg…#10…perfect!

  14. Avatar Dawn Davenport says:

    Jessica, yes, sometimes it does . However, sometimes it makes writing easier. So, what was your score on the quiz? Fess up.

  15. Avatar Jessica says:

    I’ve noticed even more acronyms on the page that I have no idea what they mean. It sometimes really clouds the poster’s message.

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