Quiz: Do You Know Your Infertility Lingo

The world of infertility is a whole different world requiring a whole new vocabulary. If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while you probably think you’ve aced infertility-speak, infertility acronyms, and their faithful cousin–infertility abbreviations. Well, don’t be so sure. Infertility terminology is almost a language unto itself.

Take our infertility-acronym quiz to find out how fluent you really are. You have to be scrupulously honest because, as you might expect, the shorthand is often an acronym made from the initials of the phrase, so try to guess before you go hunting for the correct answer. Post your score in the comments. I made a 12 out of 15, but one I missed because of a brain freeze. I really knew it, so I think my real score is 13/15. (Yes, you get credit for brain freezes too—I’m an easy grader.)

Test Your Knowledge of Infertility Shorthand

Infertility has a language all its own. How fluent are you in infertility shorthand?


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Image credit: Bruce Guenter
First posted in 2013. Posted again in 2015 because we need a little levity in our life right now.