10 Reasons why you should adopt a boy
Honestly, who else other than a little boy could get into your lipstick and still make you laugh? Consider adopting a boy.

Special need is such an ambiguous and broad adoption term that it is almost meaningless. It encompasses children in need of adoption because of cosmetic conditions, such as a birthmark, older children, sibling groups, “minor” medically correctable conditions, and significant life altering conditions. Special needs adoption means all of these, although the trend is clearly away from the cosmetic and minor towards the more involved conditions, age, and siblings. Basically special needs require additional care and make a child harder to place. On yesterday’s Creating a Family show we talked about the most common special needs in waiting children and how the special need adoption process differs from the traditional adoption process.


Most Common Reason a Child Waits for Adoption

The most common reason for a child to be harder to place for adoption is … {drum roll please} being born male. Yep, being a boy is the most “handicapping” condition in adoption—especially international adoption and foster care adoption.

Martha Osborne, the founder of the great special needs advocacy website, Rainbow Kids, with photolistings of over 1,700 children needing families, said on the Creating a Family show that young (around 24 months) little boys with relatively minor special needs are currently waiting for families, while parents wait years for a girl of similar age and severity of special need.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Adopting a Boy

  1. You will learn how to make that vroom, vroom noise that makes your lips vibrate in a great tingly sort of way.
  2. You would MUCH rather have a sleep-over with a group of tween boys than a group of girls. (Trust me on this one!)
  3. Little boys adore their mothers. (Ever heard of Oedipus? OK, that’s an icky example, but there is something extra special about the mother-son relationship.)
  4. A little girl will never say, “Oh mom, can’t we just roll around on the floor for awhile?”
  5. They don’t hold grudges.
  6. You won’t have to play with Barbies and won’t be stepping on those gosh-awful, anatomically bizarre, bunion-inducing Barbie high heels .
  7. They are cheaper to dress.
  8. You’ll only pay for the rehearsal dinner rather than the whole wedding.
  9. You’ll come to understand men in a way that is only possible from mothering one.
  10. They are such darn fun!

Come on mothers of sons, give us your top reasons why others should consider adopting a boy?

Image credit: jessicafm