Doc2 Doc McStuffins got a baby sister this spring and the story line is making news. You’ll be able to catch it in summer re-runs with your kids and according to the website Adoption at the Movies, you won’t want to miss it.

The huge hit show on Disney Jr. announced earlier this year that they would be debuting a 5-episode storyline in which the McStuffins family further builds their family via adoption. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of adding a new little one to the family, keying in particularly well on the typical fears and anxieties that older siblings often experience when a baby joins the household. Through her imaginative relationships with her “patients,” Doc expresses her own fears and helps her brother Donnie work through some of his, too. Other topics covered well include the ways that babies come to families, the struggle of the wait, concerns about how an adopted baby will fit in, and naming their new family member.

Adoption at the Movies reviews each individual episode including quotes and gives the story line a great recommendation: “Overall, Doc McStuffins covers a range of fears and questions that kids might have about adoption, and does it with warmth, humor, and reassurance. Job well done, Disney!”

Doc McStuffins can be found on Disney Jr. Check your local listings for episode information.