and-home-pageRecent Korean adoptee citizenship issues, such as the highly publicized case and subsequent deportation of Adam Crapser, have prompted a response from Korean adoptees who have had their own citizenship status and identity questions. AND is an overseas Korean adoptee-driven grassroots and action-research effort to educate and support Korean adoptees with these questions. In their own words:

As more folks have come forward with what can feel like such an isolating problem, we have begun to see a pattern of issues and needs, which also means areas to advocate for more resources across experiences that pertain to:

• adoption (non)finalization
• uneven processes of naturalization
• experiences of deportation, removals and “voluntary” departures

A adoption N naturalization and D deportation

To participate in the survey designed to continue to identify and address the issues related to the needs of Korean adoptees, please go here. If you know a Korean adoptee, please share this resource with them.

To help AND get the word out, please use any of the following hashtags on social media: #koreanadopteecensus, #KoreanAdopteeCitizenship, #EveryKoreanAdopteeCitizenshipCounts, or #KADsCount.

Photo Credit: (from AND’s website) Kim Soo-bok Cimaschi