I’m going to make your day. I dare you to watch this video and not be touched— deeply

Family Shares Their Adoption Story
A family shares why they like adoption in this YouTube video.

and profoundly.

I Like Adoption

I loved the line about his wife being the gas pedal and he was the brake. I suspect my husband might describe our relationship in some situations that way. Perfect combination as long as both sides recognize that both gas and brakes are vital to successfully navigating through life. I’ll admit to squirming a bit when the dad talked about rescuing and saving a child, but the reality is that most of these kids were “rescued” from a dismal situation considering their disabilities if they had remained in their country of birth. The danger is that we don’t want our kids to perceive us as saviors and themselves as victims. It sure seems like this family has avoided that trap. The smiles and silliness of this family made my day. Hope it makes yours as well. Consider this my belated gift to you. Did you like it as much as me?

Image credit: pauldevoto