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I am so proud to announce the publication today of the Creating a Family Multimedia Guide on Choosing an Adoption Agency or Attorney! We have been hard at work on this e-guide for many many months, so today is a big day in our little world. And here is the best news of all—we are offering this 52 page e-book for free thanks to the generous support from Hopscotch Adoptions, with additional support from Independent Adoption Center, MLJ Adoptions, and others who believe in the mission of Creating a Family to provide unbiased accurate information to those struggling to create a family.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Let’s face it—choosing an adoption agency or attorney is not the fun part of adoption. It’s confusing and often overwhelming, and few prospective adoptive parents look forward to the process. While our Multimedia Guide won’t make it exactly “easy”, it will make it much less confusing, and we hope will lead to less second-guessing during the adoption process.

All Types of Adoption

In this new Multimedia Guide for Choosing an Adoption Agency or Attorney will cover choosing an agency for domestic infant adoption, international adoption, or foster care adoption. We have a chapter on how to choose an adoption attorney and the differences in using an agency or attorney. And last, but not least, we have a section on adoption and the LGBT community.

Questionnaires, Fact Sheets, Red Flags, Videos, Etc.

We’ve stuffed this Multimedia Guide with all sorts of great stuff: questionnaires to ask agencies or attorneys, red flags to avoid, videos on choosing, Q & As with experts, audio interviews, and so much more.

Best of All- It’s Free!!

Click here to access your free copy.