Foster Care Adoption-What you need to know

We ask questions weekly at the Creating a Family Support Group, and one week the question was “What do you wish other people knew about adoption?” This response from a mom* who adopted children from foster care blew me away. If you know someone who adopted from foster care or is considering it, send this to them. Better yet, send it to their friends and family.


I wish I had known…
–That many people are not going to be accepting of adoption.
–That you must choose carefully who you talk to.
–That some will say, “You knew what you were getting into”, even though you are not complaining and just telling them why they haven’t seen you around.
–That some will be so condescending and mean.
–That they have no compassion for these children or for those who take them in.

I wish that I had taken up the two who did offer before the kids came home to help fill the freezer with ready-made meals. I wish someone had thought to give us a child shower and help with very practical things we needed (like meals, toothbrushes, clothes, shoes, blankets, coats, hats, mittens, even toys). I wish there was a way to prepare for what you do need when those children come.

I wish I had known that I might lose people I love, because they are not able to love the way I do.

I wish to let people know that you do not want anyone who is not part of your immediate family (siblings, friends, etc.) to live with you until the bonds have been established. It sets the children up for more trauma, and having someone living with you, even when they are just there to help out, force you to give up control for your household at a time when you very much need to feel in control.

I wish to let others know that there are people who can help and are willing to help, but you must be particular in who you ask or tell.

I wish to tell those who have not adopted, that we who have adopted, need compassion, parties, kindness and love just as much, if not more, than those who have had a baby of their own.

We need meals, gifts of sitters after bonding, bubble bath, coffee gift certificates, toys for our children, clothes, clothes and clothes, and shoes. These children don’t come with much, and if they do, it usually does not fit.

We need to be told that these things we wish for are not selfish… our needs are just as important.

We need friends who will listen even if they don’t understand, and not keep giving advice unless it is truly asked for.

We need time to ourselves, even half an hour a day, to just do something we use to enjoy.

I wish to tell others that we need what anyone else needs and sometimes it is more because adopting several children at once changes your life more than any preparations you could have made. That older children are just like toddlers and need help understanding the world around them. That being a parent to five already for 24 years is still not enough to do the job, but someone needs to do it and those that do, just may need help.

I wish that the process of adoption did not make me so cynical because these children are worth everything and deserve a good life. We are blessed for loving them more than they are blessed because of us.


Have you adopted from foster care or are you a foster parent? What do you wish people knew?

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