momo-china-adoptionQ: How can we find an adoption agency that is allowed to work with a specific orphanage in China? And also have the ability to place children from that child welfare institution on their agency specific list?

A: Dana Woods, the China Program Director at A Helping Hand Adoption Agency, says: “The best way to find out if an agency has been paired with a specific orphanage through a One-to-One program is to call and ask! Some agencies may advertise this on their website, however, if it is not mentioned, it does not mean that they do not have a One-to-One program. If you are interested in working with a specific agency and cannot find this information on their website, please call and inquire! I also encourage you to speak directly to the Program Manager to ask specific questions about an agency’s matching process.”

For more information, you can listen to our radio show titled “Adopting From Asia” by clicking here.

Image credit: FennecCooper