where to find donated embryos to use to build your family

When you think of daytime TV, the first words that come to mind are not usually “thought provoking” and “thorough”. So imagine my surprise when I found this embryo donation video covering donating embryos to another family on a past Katie Couric Show.

They did a good job of covering the experience of embryo donation from the perspective of both the receiving parents and the donating family. These couples used the Nightlight Adoptions Snowflakes Adoption program, which uses the adoption model for donating embryos and they call the process embryo adoption.

No one knows exactly how many embryos remain in cryopreservation storage after the family that created them no longer plans to use them. Best guesses are over 500,000 (my guess would be well over that figure). Storing these embryos can be expensive, costing Americans as much as $72 million annually.

One option family’s have is to donate their unused remaining embryos to another couple struggling to conceive. Check out this in depth interview.

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