Just read a thorough and very well-researched report,  “Welcoming All Families,” from The Center for American Progress, NACAC, and Voice for Adoption. The report looks at the current state of discriminatory laws against LGBTQ adoption and fostering and concludes that it is having a negative impact on children and costing the state and federal government millions of dollars.
The report covers the following:
  • Current legal protections for LGBTQ+ youth in care and prospective foster and adoptive parents
  • Court challenges to religious exemptions for child placement agencies
  • Impact of religious refusal laws on the child welfare system
  • Considers how religious refusal laws cost public funds by reducing the potential pool of foster and adoptive families
  • Analyzes policies and characteristics of Texas and Michigan agencies as case studies for states with religious refusal laws.

You can read the entire report in more detail here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images from original report