Transitioning Home as a Newly Adoptive Family

What should you expect as you return home with a newly adopted baby or child? What are the common emotions when transitioning home as a newly adoptive family? We talk with Laura Jean Beauvais, a licensed professional counselor and mother of two adult daughters through adoption. She has conducted domestic, foster, and international adoptions for more than 25 years.

In this episode, we cover:

Adopting a Newborn

  • What are some common emotions when adopting a newborn?
  • What are some common stresses when adopting a newborn?
  • How may the revocation period affect the transition to new adoptive parenting?
  • Expectations of extended family during this transition period.
  • How do the stresses of newly adopted families differ from a family that gives birth to their child?
  • How does the pre-adoption process affect this transition to new parenthood?
  • What are some feelings that come up about birth parents after the baby comes home? 
    • Realities of open adoptions 
    • Handling grief of birth family 
    • Feeling like the presence of a birth mom makes the adoptive mom less of a “real” mom 
    • The balance of power shifting from the expectant/birth mom to the adoptive mom 
  • How much of your child’s “story” should you share?
  • How can infertility struggles impact the transition period?

Adopting a Child Past Infancy

  • What are some common emotions when adopting a child from foster care or through international adoption?
  • What are some common stresses when adopting a child past infancy?
  • The challenge of setting realistic expectations.
  • How to help your child and you settle in to becoming a new family.

Post Adoption Depression

  • What is post-adoption depression?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • How common is post-adoption depression?
  • Can fathers also have post-adoption depression?
  • Who is at risk for post-adoption depression? Are there ways to predict which people are more prone to post-adoption depression?
  • How can post-adoption depression impact parenting?
  • What are some steps to take to prevent post-adoption depression?
  • What should you do if you think you are suffering from post-adoption depression?

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Music Credit: Michael Ashworth

Photo Credit: Robert Butts