The Emotional Lives of Teenagers

Are you parenting teens, or will you be in a few years? Don’t miss this conversation with psychologist Dr. Lisa Damour, author of the book, “The Emotional Lives of Teenagers: Raising Connected, Capable, and Compassionate Adolescents.


In this episode, we cover:

  • Our society has become afraid of being unhappy. What are the reasons for this?
  • Studies seem to suggest that teens are unhappier now than in the past. Why?
  • Three myths about adolescence.
  • The adultification of black teens.
  • Why do our teens find us so annoying?
  • The goal is not always to avoid conflict with our teens; rather, it should be to learn how to have constructive conflict.
  • You say that spending time online can be both good and bad for teens.
  • What should parents know about porn?
  • How carefully should you supervise what your teens are seeing online?
  • How can parents keep technology in place? What are some common-sense rules?
  • The importance of small pleasures in modulating the mood of our teens.


American Psychological Association: Health advisory on social media use in adolescence 

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Image Credit: Sofia Alejandra