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Parenting Issues in Adoption

Parenting Issues in AdoptionIn most ways, parenting adopted children is like parenting children by birth – you love, you teach, you worry, and you set limits. You thrill in their accomplishments and you support them through their failures because that is what parents do. However, parenting a child that is born to and shares genetic ties with another family has some unique issues about which adoptive parents need to be aware.

We cover some of these issues in other sections of this site, such as talking with kids about adoption, school issues, and prenatal exposure. The rest we cover here.

What Unique Considerations Should Adoptive Parents Consider for Kids Using the Internet?
The Internet, along with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever the latest social networking site might be, has fundamentally changed the face of adoption. Like most changes, the effects can be both positive and negative, but regardless of the negatives, the Internet is here to stay, and adoptive parents need to learn how to parent in this environment.

The primary effect that the internet has had on adoptive parenting is the ready availability of information on birth families. This is a challenge for some adoptive families, particularly if your child’s adoption is not open to some degree.

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