How do Adopted Teens Feel about Adoption

Want to feel good about the future and about your ability to raise healthy well-adjusted adopted kids? Do you want a glimpse into how your kids might feel and how they might identify themselves when they are teens? If you answered yes (and who wouldn’t?!?) then I have just the thing for you.

Mei Kelly, a Chinese adoptee high school student in Chicago, created a documentary on adoption and identity formation–Adoption and Identity Intertwined. She interviewed 12 adopted high school students (black, white, and Asian) on how they viewed their identity and understood their adoption story. The documentary showed clips of these interviews intertwined with video of their childhood.

It is a phenomenal film–not because it is all hearts and rainbows about adoption, but because despite the ups and downs of adoption and transracial adoption, these young people are doing just fine.

The inner strength of these teens and the love of their families shines through. Here are a couple of lines that touched me.

  • [My parents] love me for who I am because I am their son. I was thinking about it the other day—my dad loves me for me because I am his son. It makes me feel great that that’s how he feels. (Said by a big burly black guy about his very white dad.)
  • My friends sometimes make jokes about telling their siblings, “Oh, you were adopted”. That stings a bit. I know they don’t mean it to hurt, but the fact that being adopted is second best or something to be ashamed of or…that’s annoying. (Said by an Chinese adoptee.)
  • My DNA doesn’t have to be my parent’s for them to be my parents. (Said by a Chinese adoptee.)

I smiled and got misty-eyed in equal measure. I can’t recommend this film enough.


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