KevinFrazierET anchor Kevin Frazier shared the story of the son he and his then-high-school girlfriend placed for adoption in Maryland with CBS. He and the child’s mother were young and felt they were not ready to raise a child. Several years later, he was in a local McDonalds restaurant and saw a face that he recognized.

“And I looked and I was like, ‘That’s him,’ ” said Frazier, who says he has kept in touch with his son named Tony. Many years later when Tony was a college student, he moved in with Frazier. Tony has since followed in his father’s career path and is a television reporter also. He also became father not long ago. Father and son talk daily.

Frazier opened up and shared the story of his difficult decision as part of the awareness he is trying to bring to the Mixed Roots Foundation’s annual “Adoptee Night.” This year, Frazier threw out the opening pitch to his son at Dodger Stadium after raising money to bring 1,500 adopted and foster care kids out to enjoy the game. He says, “It’s about an experience for a kid who may not have someone in their life who helps them with all these experiences.”