First 3 Things You MUST Do When You Decide to Adopt

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First 3 Things to Do When You Decide to Adopt

You’ve been toying with the idea of adoption for a while–thinking, pondering, wondering. You’ve finally decided that it’s time to take action, but exactly what action should you take. We can help.

First: Decide What Type of Adoption is Best for You

There are three major types of adoption: domestic infant adoption, foster care adoption, and international adoption. Although not a form of adoption, many people also want to consider embryo donation at this point. (In fact, some call it embryo adoption).

Creating a Family has a comparison chart analyzing 15 characteristics for the 3 major types of adoption.

Yesterday’s Creating a Family show was Adoption 101: Everything You Need to Know at the Beginning. This provides a great overview of the three major types of adoption, plus embryo donation. It’s basically an 1 hour crash course. Great show.


Second: Get Educated

At this point you know just enough to be dangerous. You need to learn more. I know you’re anxious to get started, but you really must spend some time deepening your understanding. If you’re really industrious and have a lot of time, you can probably do this in about two weeks, but for most people it will take about a month. Keep in mind, that it is important for both partners, if you’re married, to get information at this stage.

Creating a Family is a one-stop shop for education. Go to the following pages to read, listen, or watch:

Also join some adoption forums/support groups online to bounce ideas off of others that are ahead of you on this journey. You can learn a lot from the been there/done that crowd. Several general adoption groups exist online, including the Creating a Family Facebook Support Group, which we think is one of the best. It’s a closed group so you can explore without the world knowing your business.

Third: Select an Adoption Agency or Adoption Attorney

Your adoption agency or adoption lawyer will be your guide on this adoption journey. Take the time to choose your guide well. We give some tips on the Adoption 101 show embedded above.

Creating a Family has a 3 Step Process for choosing an adoption agency or adoption attorney.

If you’re one of the “been there, done that” crowd, what would you add? What would be on your must do list at the very beginning.

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5 Responses to First 3 Things You MUST Do When You Decide to Adopt

  1. Avatar Kendra Cyrus says:

    All things are worthy of attention.

  2. Avatar AnonAP says:

    Read about all different types of adoption and their effects on adoptees, birthfamilies, and adoptive families even if you think you’re set on one form or another. You never know if your domestic, infant adoption plan might shift or if it just ends up with tinges that are more similar to foster or international adoption than you initially thought it might be. You might find your international adoption suddenly is more open than you expected and there are lessons from foster and domestic adoption that apply. Just keep an open mind and listen to everyone because as complex as it is, the little neat boxes we draw in our minds around “our family” are not so tidy in real life.

    • [ Just keep an open mind and listen to everyone because as complex as it is, the little neat boxes we draw in our minds around “our family” are not so tidy in real life.] Yes!!

  3. I’m still in the midst of my family building journey and we may need to consider adoption at some point. This article was very helpful! Thank you!

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