Do you know how the legal process of adoption works? How do you get an original birth certificate? How do you get a social security number for your adopted child? We talk with Brinton Wright, an adoption attorney and Fellow in the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys about the legal and social implications of adoption.

In this episode, we cover:


  • Understanding adoption laws and procedures, including termination of parental rights and the expedited relinquishment process pursuant to Section 19-5-103.5, C.R.S., and the administrative notice for any other birth parent or possible birth parent pursuant to Section 19-5-103.7, C.R.S., if applicable.
  • Expectations of adoption and adoptive process.
  • Disclosure issues including the accuracy of family history information regarding the child and birth parent(s)’ family, discussion with the child and sharing information with others.


  • Criteria used to determine eligibility — Background Check
  • Home study process
  • Pre-placement requirements
  • Placement process
  • Post-placement requirements and supports
  • Determining readiness for adoption legalization
  • Full and fair child specific disclosure/Confidentiality
  • Limited, inaccurate or missing background information
  • Subsidy eligibility and post-adoption support services – preservation, Support groups, education, search and reunion, service referral
  • Legal risk placement (if appropriate)
  • Understanding the reasons adoption plans are made for children


  • The placement decision process


  • Legal and social processes and implications of adoption
  • Relationship between child welfare laws, the local department’s mandates, and how the local department carries out its mandates


  • Legal issues relating to adoption

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Music credit: Michael Ashworth