How to Listen To or Download Online Radio

Option 1: Listen on your computer/tablet

  1. Find a radio show episode that you would like to listen to on our radio show page.
  2. Click the blue listen button.  This will take you to an individual page for the episode you have chosen to listen to.
  3. Click the play button on the media player directly under the picture.

Option 2: Listen/Download on your phone, iPod, MP3 

You have a couple of choices if you want to download the show onto your portable device.

Best: The easiest way to download, subscribe, and listen to online radio from your smart phone is to use iTunes or some other third-party app (ex. Pocket Cast, Instacast, Downcast) that lets you download and manage podcasts directly from your mobile device. Simple install the app on your phone and type in “Creating a Family”.

Another Way:

  1. Click the download button (the arrow facing down) on the far right hand side of the media player.  This will download an MP3 file to your computer.
  2. Upload the file to your favorite portable device by plugging that device into your computer and accessing your downloads folder (or through i-tunes or your preferred media utility).

One More Way:

You can also download past radio shows or subscribe to our podcast and receive new episodes automatically through iTunes and Stitcher Radio by clicking on the icons below.