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kinship care

Providing Kinship Care

kinship careBecoming a kinship care provider is challenging for all involved. Usually, you have only a little time to make the decision to bring a kinship placement into your home. Often, you love the child’s parents, and your heart is already breaking because of the situations that have led to you becoming the primary caregiver for this child. The child you are caring for is also struggling with the changes in his or her life. There is a lot to navigate.

One of the first decisions you will have to make is what type of legal arrangement is best for you, the child, and the child’s parent. There are emotional, legal, and financial issues that must be considered. You also may need to decide whether you become a licensed foster parent, a guardian, an informal childcare provider, or some variation of these arrangements.

Creating a Family has many resources to help you determine your options when considering Kinship Care. We also have resources to make the transition from the grandparent, aunt, or cousin to the parent easier for everyone. A few of our most recently published resources we think you will find particularly helpful are here:

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