Engaging Churches in the Foster Care Crisis

How can churches support kids in foster care and prevent children from entering foster care? Join us for our discussion with Jedd Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) and Amber Knowles, the Executive Director of The Riverside Project (formerly Fostering Family).

In this episode, we cover:

  • We call it a foster care “crisis”. What does that term mean? What are the needs of foster children?
  • What is each organization doing to help engage churches in caring for foster kids?
  • What are ways people of faith can help improve the world of fostering if they know that they aren’t able to actually get licensed to foster?
  • How can churches provide support for people once they are parenting kids from foster care—either through fostering or adoption?
  • How can churches work to support birth families to help once the child has been reunified or to help stabilize them so that children don’t end up in care?
  • How can faith communities get involved with supporting foster families and foster kids?
  • The Jockey Being Family® Back to School Bash events will take place during the weekend of August 5-7th, 2022. These gatherings are geared towards foster and adoptive families with children 5-14 years of age. This is a chance to celebrate, educate, and empower families with a fun-filled and informative event as they prepare to head back to school for the upcoming year. Jockey Being Family® Foundation will provide grants for up to $3,000 to eligible organizations to help bring a Back to School Bash to your community. Together, we can be a much-needed support network for foster and adoptive families across the country. Email JBFBSB@jockey.com for additional information. 
  • More Than Enough
  • Fostering Family  and the Riverside Project

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