Download a Free Guide to Parenting a Child Exposed to Trauma

Download YOUR Free Guide to Parenting a Child Exposed to Trauma

Parenting kids exposed to trauma is hard. Sometimes it’s extremely hard, but these kids need parents, and these families can thrive. What do the experts say works when parenting a child who has been exposed to trauma? 

It helps to start with the fact that trauma can come in many forms and exists on a continuum. Physical and sexual abuse clearly cause trauma, but more and more evidence is coming to light about the long-term trauma caused by neglect. Emotional abuse also leaves deep scars. For many children, trauma begins before birth through prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs. 

Regardless of the source, trauma impacts kids and the parents who love them. Want to learn more?

This FREE guide includes:

  • How trauma affects kids.
  • Common traits of parents worn out by traumatized kids.
  • Skills that kids might be lacking and how parents can help build those skills for their child.
  • 6 practical ways to create attachment in kids exposed to trauma from Dr. Karyn Purvis.
  • 5 tips for parenting children exposed to trauma.