Download a Free Guide for Talking with Kids About Adoption

Download YOUR Free Guide on Talking with Kids About Adoption

Many parents feel anxious or even fearful having “the adoption talk.” That’s understandable – adoption is fraught with heavy topics and potentially painful conversations and no parent wants to cause their child more hurt. It’s also reasonable that many parents worry that the conversations will be awkward or make the child feel less special.

Let us first allay your fears and stress by telling you that talking with your kids about adoption is not a one-time event. Rome was not built in a day, nor will adoption be explained all at once. Learn how to gear your information to the age and developmental stage of your child(ren). Want to learn more?

This FREE guide includes:

  • Information on Lifebooks
  • Talking with infants
  • Talking with toddlers
  • Talking with school-age kids
  • Talking with tweens and teens
  • Commonly asked questions about adoption