Download a Free Guide for Strengthening & Supporting Your Transracial Adoptee

Download YOUR Free Guide on Strengthening & Supporting Your Transracial Adoptee

When you raise a child of a different race, culture, or ethnicity than yours, there are many opportunities for joy. However, there can also be significant challenges to parenting when you do not share the same race and ethnicity as your child.

We do not live in a color-blind world. Parenting a transracially adopted child requires extra education and preparedness. Your goal is to inform yourself about the culture and identity issues your child will face. It’s a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to help your child navigate race, culture, and identity issues. Want to learn more?

This FREE guide includes:

  • Adult Transracial Adoptees share how parents can provide a healthy sense of identity and race
  • Practical steps to move from racial awareness to racial identity
  • How to create a culture of anti-racism in your home
  • How to build relationships to strengthen and support your transracial adoptee