Special Needs Adoption

Special Needs Adoptions

Special Needs Adoption

Special Needs AdoptionsSpecial needs adoptions refers to any adoption of a child that has needs that might makes it harder to find an adoptive family. These special needs can range from minor medically correctable issues to life altering conditions. It also includes older children and sibling groups. Adoptive parents considering special needs adoption choose which special needs they think is the best fit for their family.

Special Needs Adoption in Domestic Infant Adoption
Special needs adoptions with domestic infant adoptions usually involves major medical issues, birth defects or conditions, or significant prenatal exposure to alcohol or drugs since adoption agencies and adoption attorneys do not have a hard time finding adoptive families for more minor conditions when placing infants in the United States.
Special Needs Adoption in Foster Care Adoption
Most children adopted from foster care are considered “special needs” due to age, needing to be adopted with siblings, or abuse and neglect prior to coming into state care. Children adopted from foster care with special needs are eligible for monthly subsidies, and approximately 90% foster care adoptions receive a subsidy.
Special Needs Adoptions in International Adoption
Many international adoptions are now special needs adoptions. Special needs in international adoption can involve medically correctable conditions (such as cleft lip/palate, club foot, etc.), non-correctable/ chronic medical conditions (Hepatitis C, HIV, etc.), physical differences (missing limbs, deafness, scars, birthmarks, etc.), older kids, sibling groups, and past abuse. Pre-adoptive parents fill out a list of special needs that they think that they can accept.

The waiting time for an international adoption is usually less when adopting a child with special needs, but we caution parents to not make a decision based exclusively on speed when considering a special need adoption. It is important to educate yourself on the realities of parenting a child with this special need first. Creating a Family has many resources to help educate you.

Creating a Family has many resources on special needs adoption. A few we think you will find particularly helpful are:

You will find many more Creating a Family resources, including articles, podcasts, and fact sheets for Adopting a Child with Special Needs at the icons below.

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