Foster Care Adoption Subsidies

Are you hoping to adopt from foster care? Don’t miss this discussion of adoption subsidies with Josh Kroll, Project Coordinator for the Adoption Subsidy Resource Center at Families Rising (formerly known as the North American Council on Adoptable Children).

In this episode, we cover:

  • What are adoption subsidies?
  • What other names are used for “adoption subsidies”? Adoption Agreements, Adoption Assistance, AAP, monthly stipend. Is there a difference between these?
  • Who is eligible for foster care adoption subsidies?
  • Are private adoptions eligible for adoption subsidies? What if the private adoption is of a child with special needs?
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Is there an income limit for receiving an adoption subsidy?
  • How is the dollar amount of the subsidy determined, and by whom?
  • Can kinship providers receive foster care adoption subsidies?
  • What other things can be included in an adoption subsidy agreement other than a monetary monthly stipend?
  • Does the money have to be spent directly and solely on the foster child, or can it be used to benefit the whole family or the foster child only tangentially—such as adding a bedroom so that kids don’t have to share or a family vacation?
  • What about situations where the child is either too young to be displaying needs or is not displaying needs, but the parents have reason to believe that the child will have needs as they age? How can they negotiate for future needs?
  • How to handle adoption subsidies when you are adopting an infant with prenatal exposure to alcohol or drugs?
  • What other type of things might be included in adoption assistance? College tuition assistance/grant/tuition waiver?
  • How is residential treatment covered?
  • What if you face a difficult negotiation?
  • How can people get information about what particular states usually grant for adoption subsidies?
  • How are adoption assistance/adoption subsidies handled if I’m adopting a foster child from another state?
  • What should adoptive parents do if they believe that the adoption subsidy that is being offered is not enough?


  • Families Rising  (formerly NACAC)
  • Josh Kroll’s contact info:
    • email:
    • phone: 800-470-6665, ext. 115
  • National Disability Rights Network –

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