What are the stresses on newly adoptive families regardless whether they adopt an infant or adopt internationally or adopt a child from foster care? What should you expect? Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national adoption and foster care education and support nonprofit, interviews Jennifer McCallum, Lead Post Adoption Counselor at Buckner Children & Family Services, and Dr. Lark Eshleman, a consultant and educator whose expertise is working with children and families who have experienced early emotional trauma, attachment difficulties, neglect and abuse.

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Hit the Highlights
  • Domestic Infant Adoption
    • Typical stresses adoptive parents feel.
    • Feeling like a babysitter.
    • Lack of sleep.
    • How has the idea of cocooning impacted stress.
    • Unrealistic expectations.
    • Impact of infertility struggles on transitioning into parenthood.
    • Stresses with parenting a child with neonatal abstinence syndrome.
    • Stresses with Open Adoption.
  • Older Child Adoption Through Foster Care or International Adoption
    • Typical stresses adoptive parents feel?
    • Unrealistic expectations of the child and of yourself.
    • School issues.
    • Parental attachment styles.
    • How the way we were parented influences how we parent.
    • Challenging behaviors.
    • Sibling issues.
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Image credit: Shaun Murphy