Traveling with Newly Adopted Children

Traveling with kids is hard enough when you know them and they know you. How in the world do you travel with with a newly adopted child? How do you keep a child entertained during the plane, cab, car, bus rides that are inevitable? Join our guests Brooke Randolph, a licensed mental health counselor and founding team member MLJ Adoptions, Inc., where she currently serves as the VP of Social Services. She is a single adoptive mother who has recently traveled with her newly adopted 6 year old son; and Susie Doig, an adoption social worker with Holt International Adoption Agency.

Hit the Highlights
  • Virtually all international adoptions and many adoptions from foster care in the US and domestic infant adoptions require adoptive parents to travel home with their child.
  • What steps can you take before you travel, but after you meet your child that will make traveling easier?
  • How to gradually transition with your newly adopted child before you come home?
  • What questions to ask your child’s caregiver when you have the chance before you bring your child home?
  • Should you use pull-ups, if your child is already potty trained, for the trip home?
  • How long do parents have in country with their child before they travel?
  • My mantra of traveling with newly adopted children.
  • Air travel suggestion when traveling with a newborn.
  • Air travel suggestion when traveling with a baby.
  • Air travel suggestion when traveling with school aged child.
  • What type of electronics are best to use when traveling with kids?
  • #1 key to successful travel with children.
  • How to prepare your child for using a car seat on the ride home?
  • Should you use Benadryl to make your child sleep on the airplane ride?

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Image Credit: ryaninc