Transracial Adoption: How to Do It Well

Transracial adoptions “work”, but what exactly can parents do to help ensure that their children will grow up with a happy and healthy well-formed racial identity? Join our guest Beth Hall, Founder and Director of PACT, a multicultural adoption organization dedicated to addressing essential issues affecting adopted children of color, and co-author of Inside Transracial Adoption. Natasha Sky is a multiracial woman and mother of four young multiracial children who joined her family through birth and adoption. Natasha created the MultiracialSky website, a collection of resources for multiracial families.

Hit the Highlights
  • Transracial adoption is an issue, not a problem.
  • Talking with children about race.
  • Race vs. ethnicity vs. culture. What are the difference and why these differences matter for transracial adoptive families.
  • The importance that your adopted  child is not the only person of color in his world.
  •  If we want the world to be colorblind, why do we need to talk with our children about race?
  • How to celebrate all ethnicities, cultures, and races in our family, not just those of color?
  • African American hair care.
  • How to prepare our children for prejudice without overly focusing on it.
  • How can white adoptive parents teach our children to cope with racial prejudice?
  • Encouraging children of color to trust their internal prejudice antenna.
  • Is it a problem for a black teen to have only white friends?

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Image Credit: familymwr