Post Adoption Depression: Causes and Prevention

Post adoption depression and parent attachment disorder are surprisingly common and seldom talked about. After all, since you’ve tried so hard to become a parent, many adoptive parents are ashamed to admit that they are struggling. We interviewed Dr. Jane Aronson, a board certified general pediatrician and pediatric infectious diseases specialist, and adoption medicine specialist for the past 12 years. She is a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, and the founder of World Wide Orphan Foundation. Dr. Aronson is also the author of a new book, Carried in Our Hearts: The Gift of Adoption, Inspiring Stories of Families Created Across Continents.

Hit the Highlights
  • What is post adoption depression, and how does it differ from the general state of being overwhelmed following the addition of a child into a family, regardless of whether that kiddo comes to us via adoption or birth?
  • How does post adoption depression differ from post partum depression?
  • How does post adoption depression differ from post adoption blues?
  • How common is post adoption depression?
  • How soon after the child is adopted does post adoption depression usually appear?
  • What is parent attachment disorder and how does it relate to post adoption depression?
  • How can adoptive parents prevent the mismatch of expectations to reality that is common in post adoption depression?
  • Who is more likely to sufer from post adoption depression or parent attachment disorder? Moms or dads?
  • What are the most common risk factors for post adoption depression?
  • What are the most common risk factors for failure of a parent to attach to an adopted child?
  • How does infertility grief play in to post adoption depression?
  • How to help parents cope with the shame of post adoption depression or not feeling bonded to their adopted child?
  • How is post adoption depression treated?
  • What type of doctor or therapist is best to treat post adoption depression?
  • Is medication effective in the treatment of post adoption depression?
  • What else can an adoptive parent do to help themselves?
  • Is treatment necessary for this type of depression?

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Image Credit: Mary Lock- Goldilock Photography