Paying for Adoption

How in the world does an average family pay for an infant domestic adoption or international adoption? What options are available for financing adoptions? What grants and loans are available? Host Dawn Davenport interviewed the following panel: Natalie De Prat, with American Christian Credit Union; Cherri Walrod, with Resources 4 Adoption; and Kelly Ellison, with Your Adoption Finance Coach.

Hit the Highlights
  • What types of loans are available help pay for an adoption?
  • Are there advantages to finding an adoption loan over a general personal loan?
  • Are equity loans available to cover part of the cost of adoption?
  • When should you apply for an adoption loan? During what step in the adoption process?
  • How long do you have to pay off an adoption loan?
  • What happens if the adoption falls through after the money is loaned?
  • How much money can be borrowed to cover the cost of the adoption?
  • Are loans available to cover adoption travel?
  • What are the options for interest free adoptions loans?
  • What are the more typical restrictions for interest free adoption loans?
  • Abba Fund
  • Are there interest free adoption loans or grants that do not have a religion requirement?
  • What is the typical adoption grant amount?
  • What type of fundraising events are most successful?
  • Lots of diverse opinions about whether it is appropriate to fundraise to afford to adopt.
  • How to create a successful adoption fund raiser?

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