Parenting Toolkit for Harder to Parent Kids

Is your child “more”…more intense, more defiant, more everything and in general, just harder to parent? We talk with Dr. Chuck Geddes, the founder of Complex Trauma Resources where he developed the Complex Care and Intervention (CCI) program to support foster and adoptive children. He is the author of Children and Complex Trauma: A Roadmap for Healing and Recovery.*

In this episode, we cover:

  • What makes a child harder to parent? 
  • The importance of recognizing what we parents bring to the relationship.
  • Difference between trauma and complex trauma.
  • Tantrums, meltdowns, or hissy fits are a common part of child development, but some kids have them more than others and they are more intense. What factors contribute to some children being more susceptible to tantrums? 
    • At what age in normal child development are tantrums most common?
    • How does trauma change the dynamic with tantrums?
    • Techniques for preventing tantrums.
    • Techniques for handling tantrums.
  • Need for constant supervision
  • Lying 
  • Being disrespectful

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Music Credit: Michael Ashworth

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