Language Development in Internationally Adopted Children

How do children adopted from abroad acquire the language of their new country and what should parents do to help. When should parents worry? Join my guest Dr. Sharon Glennen, Professor and Chairperson in the Department of Audiology, Speech Language Pathology and Deaf Studies at Towson University in Maryland. Dr. Glennen researches the complex language learning patterns of children who were internationally adopted.

Hit the Highlights
  • How long does it take a child to become fluent in her new language when adopted from abroad?
  • How does the child’s age at adoption affect language acquisition?
  • What are warning signs of difficulty with a child acquiring a new language after adoption?
  • Is stuttering common during language acquisition after international adoption?
  • Is forgetting newly acquired words when first learning the new language a normal part of language development?
  • Does language acquisition differ if you are adopting a sibling group?
  • Do children adopted internationally often have trouble with English, reading, writing, and oral expression once in school?
  • Are language based learning differences common with internationally adopted children?
  • Is language acquisition of adopted children different than language acquisition of children of immigrants?
  • How quickly do children lose their first language after adoption?
  • Should parents try to help their children preserve their native language?
  • How hard is it to preserve first language fluency after adoption?
  • What can parents do to help preserve their child’s fluency in the language of their birth country?
  • Do children adopted from another country having been fluent in their native language before coming to their adoptive home have an easier time learning a foreign language?
  • Is language development different if a child was not fluent in their native language before adoption?
  • What type of specialist should adoptive parents use if their children are not acquiring English after adoption?
  • Who specializes in helping children with language delays after adoption?
  • How long should parents wait before seeking language help for their child?
  • What is normal in language development after adoption and when should parents worry?