Interview with Actress Nia Vardalos

Host Dawn Davenport interviewed Nia Vardalos, actress (of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame), author of a new book Instant Mom, and foster care adoptive mom. We talked about her years of struggling with infertility and how she ended up adopting from foster care.

Hit the Highlights
  • I love the irony in the title of the book—Instant Mom-because it took you 9 years of infertility treatment, 2 failed surrogacy attempts, and numerous adoption attempts to become a mom, but when it happened, your daughter was in your home within 14 hours
  • When did you realize that getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term was not going to be easy?
  • 13 IVF cycles-WOW! Why weren’t you able to stop sooner?
  • Did you consider donor eggs? It is a decision many in our audience have had to make—whether their next step should be donor egg or adoption.
  • How did you know it was time to finally stop treatment?
  • You say you moved quickly into adoption without much processing of the grief. I loved your line “any decision made in fear is a reaction, not an action.” Why was stepping back to experience the grief and loss of infertility important to you?
  • What adoption options did you consider?
  • I’m curious why you didn’t consider adopting from China because you were going through all of this in the heyday of Chinese adoptions.
  • Why did you choose to adopt from foster care?
  • How old was your daughter?
  • What do you say to people who have had a bad experience adopting from foster care?
  • How do you adopt from foster care?
  • Why did you change your daughter’s name? And I love the naming story, so why don’t you tell it?
  • How was the transition into your home?
  • Why do you think the transition was hard?
  • What tips can you give others for helping their new child adjust to your home and family?
  • How is your daughter doing now? How old is she?
  • How did you get that cute photo of you on the cover of the book?

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Image Credit: Canadian Film Centre