Adoption and infertility highlights from the Net this week.

Here’s what caught my attention while tooling around the internet this week in the land of Infertility and Adoption.

  • We Hold On To You by Hosanna Wong. Unbelievably moving video/word artistry/poetry reading that sums up the feelings of loss that is intensely felt, but seldom spoken by those who have lost a child to miscarriage. You can find it on this site.
  • Fascinating study finds that age at adoption, foster care over orphanage care, developmental delays, and quality of pre-adoption care did NOT affect attachment in internationally adopted kids. Number of pre-adoptive placements a child had & the child’s stress levels as measured by salvia significantly affected security of attachment.
  • Great article in the Washington Post about internationally adopted kids finding their birth families. The article does a good job of covering the varying emotions these youth often feel when they meet and establish relationships with their first families.
  • Research shows that many different embryo disposition options need to be available for couples with excess frozen embryos, including embryo “adoption” programs. “Polarized debate concerning the language of embryo ‘adoption’ detracts attention from the practical considerations of formulating ‘best practice’ in this area.”
  • Does anyone else remember Life Magazine? It was known for fantastic photographs, and they are now displaying some of the archived photos from the 1930s forward covering subjects such as WWII, movie stars, Mardi Gras in 1938, rock stars with their parents, everyday life in the US, and so much more. It’s like a walk through history.  If you love photography, as I do, this is a treasure trove.


Image credit: Lizette Greco