childhood trauma

How can we help our foster or adopted children heal from past trauma or loss. Our guest is Carol Lozier, a licensed clinical social worker with over thirty years experience counseling children, teens and adults in the issues of trauma, and adoption and foster care. Ms. Lozier has published four books, including one of my very favorites, The Adoptive and Foster Parent Guide.

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Hit the Highlights
  • What is trauma

  • What type of events/things create trauma?

  • Why is trauma, abuse, neglect so harmful to children?

  • How trauma impacts children?

  • How to tell the difference between typical developmental behavior and that behavior that is the result of trauma or loss?

  • How to determine if a behavior is “big” enough to warrant intervention by the parent. 

  • What is triangulation?

  • Is it always preference for one parent over another parent?

  • What are triangulation behaviors?

  • What are the different “corners” of the triangle? 

  • How to break the triangle?

  • Helping our Kids integrate their birth, adoptive or foster, and self identities. Many children who do not live with their birth families struggles to incorporate parts of their birth families, their foster or adoptive family and who they are innately into a whole that is their identity. What can parents do to help their children form their whole identity that incorporates it all? 

  • Practical tips for helping children heal. Often we don’t know what trauma our children have experienced. Either they don’t remember or it happened pre-verbal or they can’t or haven’t told us. How can we help them if we don’t know what happened to them

  •  How to use behavioral charts effectively.


Image credit: Madalin Calita 

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