Adoptive families often want to find a therapist with adoption training or understanding of the unique issues presented by adoption. Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews Debbie Riley, CEO of The Center for Adoption Support and Education.

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  • In general, what type of professional can provide therapy?
  • Why is competency in adoption issues important?
  • What if your child is having what appears to be a run of the mill childhood problem? Is it important to seek out adoption competency or do you risk turning everything into an adoption issue?
  • Is there a specific specialty in PhD or masters psychology programs in adoption?
  • Tell us about the CASE program for training adoption competent therapists.
  • What are the core competencies surrounding adoption therapy?
  • What type of training should you look for to determine whether your counselor you are considering is adoption competent?
  • Questions to ask to determine if your therapist has adoption competencies.
  • What type of therapy is most effective in working with adopted kids and families?
  • Is EMDR effective at treating adoption trauma or attachment issues?
  • Should work on adoption issues involve just the child, or the child and the parent?
  • We hear a lot nowadays about trauma informed therapy. What is it?
  • Some people say that all adoption therapy should be attachment therapy. Is this true?
  • How can parents determine if their child needs something more than outpatient therapy, such as hospitalization or residential treatment?
  • The need to work collaboratively with schools and other mental health professionals
  • How to find an adoption competent therapist where you live?
  • What if one is not located nearby?
  • Should adoptive parents be involved at all with the therapy, or just the child?
  • How long does it take to start seeing improvement in the child’s behavior or a lessening of concerning symptoms?
  • How to find the CASE directory for therapist?
  • Post adoption support
  • Age: how young is too young?
  • Open adoption issues

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