adoption scams

What are adoptive scams and how can adoptive parents recognize them and protect themselves? What can adoptive parents do to make sure that they are also being upfront and honest with expectant parents? Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national adoption & foster care education and support nonprofit, interviews Deborah Phillips, CEO of Children’s Connection, Inc and Eric Freeby, an adoption attorney with Brown Pruitt who has been practicing adoption law for over a decade.

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  • Adoption scams can fall into 3 general categories: those against adoptive parents by expectant or supposedly pregnant women, those against expectant couples or birth parents by adoptive parents or agencies, and those done by adoption agencies or attorneys against adoptive or expectant/birth parents.

  • What are typical adoption scams perpetrated by expectant women? 

  • What should adoptive families know and ask about unidentified birth fathers?

  • What are some of the red flags for an adoption scam?

  • How much are adoptive parents allowed to pay a prospective birth mother for living expenses, clothes, transportation, food, etc.?

  • What are ways adoptive parents can prevent becoming a victim of an adoption scam or adoption fraud?

  • What are warning signs that an expectant woman does not plan to go through with the adoption, which is not necessarily or even commonly the same thing as an adoption scam?

  • While not necessarily a scam, how common is it for expectant mothers to not be fully open about prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol?

  • Adoption scams/fraud against expectant parents or birth parents?  (open adoption, fertility treatment)

  • Acts by adoption agencies or attorneys that are not honest and hurt adoptive or expectant parents?


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