Problematic Sexual Behavior

Do you worry about what is normal in your child’s sexual development? Join us to talk with Roy Van Tassell, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oklahoma and Director of Trauma and Evidence-based Interventions for Centene Health. He co-chairs the National Child Traumatic Stress Networks’ subcommittee on children with problem sexual behaviors.

Warning: We will be using anatomically correct words and talking about sex, so if this offends you or triggers you, you may want to skip this podcast.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Typical Sexual Development / Play
    • What is typical sexual development in children as they age?
    • What type of sexual play is considered “normal?”
    • How should parents manage a child’s natural sexual development?
  • Problematic Sexual Behavior
    • What are Problem Sexual Behaviors in Children?
    • What causes kids and youth to act in socially unacceptable or destructive sexual ways? What factors influence the development of these behaviors?
  • Child vulnerabilities
    • Behavior problems
    • Emotional difficulties
    • Developmental delays
    • Low impulse control
  • Family vulnerabilities
    • Poor supervision
    • Single caregiver
  • Modeling of coercion
    • Harsh parenting practices
    • Physical abuse
    • Domestic violence
  • Modeling of sexuality
    • Sexual abuse
    • Modeling/exposure
    • Nudity or poor family boundaries
  • How common are problematic sexual behaviors?
  • Suggestions for professionals and parents and how to respond to behaviors.
  • What should parents and caregivers do?
  • Rules for younger kids
  • How effective is therapy?
  • How to find a therapist?
    • What training have they had in this area?
    • Child development expertise (including sexual development)


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