open adoption

What do you need to understand about openness in adoption when you are first considering adopting. What is it and what is it not. We talk with Lori Holden, author of The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption, blogger, and adoptive mom.

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Hit the Highlights
When people first start thinking about adoption they may come in with some preconceived ideas about open adoption. Let’s tackle some of these.
  1. Open adoption is basically co-parenting.
  2. Open adoption will make me feel less like the mom. I will feel like I’m competing for the role of mom.
  3. Open adoption is confusing to kids.
  4. Open adoption means I’m adopting the whole family even though all I really want to adopt is the baby.
  5. Open adoption is messy. Open adoption is complicated.
  6. Open adoption is not worth the trouble.
  • How to maintain an attitude of openness.
  • What you need to know about open adoption
  • Is contact exclusively through the adoption agency or adoption attorney “open adoption”.
  • Helping extended adoptive family members come to terms with openness.
  • How to handle if your child says “you’re not my real mom”.
  • Slightly annoying grandmother rule
  • Importance of birth siblings. How the existence of children that the birth parents are parenting affects adopted children.
  • How to honor the spirit of openness without contact.

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